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MONKD new series of lamps, with gear as the design element of indoor lighting

MONKD new series of lamps, with gear as the design element of indoor lighting

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  The creation of the ANNUAL RING came from

 the gears of a clock.The movement of each gear

 represents the flow of time.The tooth design and

 lighting on the surface of the lamp perfectly


  “time flies like an arrow, an inch of time is an inch   of goldbut you cant buy that inch of time with an   inch of gold”.

  Surface-mounted ceiling lights have been favored by     many people in recent years,and they are very   popular in home lighting and hotel lighting.

 The advantage of the downlight is that it will not   damage the wall in a large area.Compared with the   embedded lamp, it will greatly preserve the integrity   of the wall,and when you only want to illuminate the key area, it can be stable The diffuse point light source highlights the illuminated area, showing small and precise features compared to large chandeliers.

 ANNURAL RING was born out of Monkdlighting’s original design, designed and created by designer Juciten Zhu. It is a metal luminaire with GU10 replaceable light source or LED light source. Designed for interior lighting,

 MONKD LIGHTING took the gear as the entry point of the design and designed the basic gear downlight.

Taking the gear downlight as the main element, we have expanded a series of gear element lamps, such as spotlights, chandeliers, wall lamps, etc.

Use scenario: bar, table, living room spot light lighting and can be used to hang line lights

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Post time: Nov-29-2022